We are a leading global manufacturer of specialty materials that serve a variety of premium niche markets.

CEO's Message

Our job is to build on our historical success by following a well-defined, winning strategic course of action. Our strategies are informed by a clear vision: to create value by improving the image and performance of everything we touch. That vision is the basis for our internal employee culture and our external market leadership.

Looking towards the future, we expect to continue to improve our organic growth rate by investing in Technical Products categories, while reinventing our profitable Fine Paper and Packaging business with growth in Premium Packaging. Success means that we will execute strategic initiatives to profitably grow the top line, reinforce competitive capabilities, generate an attractive return on capital, and relentlessly optimize our cost structure, all with the goal of increasing shareholder value.

John P. O’Donnell President and Chief Executive Officer

Leading in profitable, specialty niche markets

We will increase our participation in niche markets that can provide us with leading positions and value our core competencies in performance-based fiber and non-woven media production, coating and saturating. Key markets include transportation filtration media, specialty backings, and premium fine paper and packaging.

Increasing our size, growth rate and portfolio diversification

We will invest and focus resources in higher growth technical/specialty markets to grow with customers in new geographies, and to enter into adjacent markets that are growing and profitable. We will do this both through organic initiatives that build on our technologies and capabilities, and through acquisitions that fit with our competencies and provide attractive financial returns.

Delivering consistent, attractive returns to our shareholders

We will continue to use Return on Invested Capital as a key metric to evaluate investment decisions and measure our performance, while maintaining a prudent capital structure and deploying cash flows in ways that provide value, including returning a portion of cash directly to shareholders through a meaningful dividend.

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