Business Overview

Neenah is committed to manufacturing growth for its customers, end-users, shareholders, and employees. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, we are a leading global manufacturer of specialty materials serving customers across six continents with manufacturing facilities across North America and Europe. We are focused on growing in filtration media, specialty coatings, engineered materials, as well as imaging and packaging solutions. We are organized in two primary business segments: performance-based Technical Products and image-based Fine Paper and Packaging.

Technical Products

Performance-based products

End markets: filtration media, specialized substrates for digital transfer, tape and abrasive backings, labels, and other products. Manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K.

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Fine Paper and Packaging

High-quality textured and colored papers

End markets: Premium packaging and print communications, and crafting. Manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S.

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With over 125 years’ experience, we are the market leader for premium fine paper, packaging, and label applications. We offer a variety of alternative fiber products, and an assortment of colored and textured paper-based products sold through a variety of channels, including distribution and retail partners. We are committed to producing only superior quality products and developing new technologies that meet the needs of designers, consumers, printers, and merchants.


We are a leading global producer of filter media and durable, saturated, and coated substrates for a diverse set of end-markets. Our materials are found in a variety of products used every day, such as transportation and water filters, industrial labels, silicone release media, and tapes and abrasives.